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August 27-29, 2021

F+Pack Asia Show

Exhibition Introduction

Exhibition profile:

Asia Food Processing and Packing Exhibition( F+Pack Show) is based in China and facing the world, which is  supported by Guangzhou Government and attracted lots of visitors at home and abroad. The show  focus on packing equipment, food processing, canning equipment, Weighing equipment,Measurement equipment, packaging materials and containers, label printing, safety detection and traceability, etc。

F+Pack Show will be held on 27-29 August,2021 in Pazhou, China Import and Export Complex。There are 2021 FLE and 2021 Conton Fair at the same time . To promote the exchange of industry cutting-edge information and technology、explore the latest market development trends and innovative solutions and promote the establishment of partnership, various of  seminars and product promotion meetings, industry innovation and Development Summit Forum will be held at the same time.

Exhibits Sector

Show Scope:

Food processing technique

The processing、canning、labeling of food/drink/milk/beer; meat slaughtering, processing and refrigeration equipment; drying equipment, sterilization equipment, agricultural products deep processing equipment;fruit and vegetable, oil, bean products processing and preservation equipment; leisure and baked food processing equipment; vegetable cleaning equipment, central kitchen and catering equipment; weighing, labeling equipment, automatic sorting equipment; quality control and testing equipment;

Packing Equipment:

Food/drink/milk/fast food/medical/beer packing equipment; bag making and sealing equipment; robot and all kinds of intelligent packaging equipment;

label and printing / flexible packaging:

label printing equipment, anti-counterfeiting label solutions, flexible packaging printing equipment, labels / trademarks and consumables, barcode identification system, etc;

Packaging materials and containers:

Packaging materials / products / containers, plastic, cardboard, metal, glass packaging, etc;

Fresh packing:

odified atmosphere / vacuum / body fitted / fruit and vegetable packaging equipment; fresh packaging box, fruit and vegetable packaging box / box / bag, tray, aluminum foil packaging bag, high temperature cooking packaging, coextrusion / barrier / shrinkage packaging, prefabricated food packaging, cooked food packaging, preservative film;

Degradable material packing:

Biodegradable materials, biodegradable plant fiber tableware, functional films, renewable environmental protection materials, aseptic packaging materials, nano packaging materials, fiber products;

Food safety testing equipment and Traceability Technology:
Metal detector, X-ray detector, machine vision inspection system, traceability system, traceability and solutions; food safety rapid detection instruments, laboratory instruments, electronic labels, certification consultation, etc;

Other related supporting facilities:

pipeline valve, transmission and transportation, automatic control, industrial belt, chain.

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August  25-27,2020
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August  28-31, 2020
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